September 2022
The Home Space
In the form of the TOWER185 HOME SPACE, owner DEKA Immobilien is for the first time offering an extensive pop-up exhibition space where you can experience the manifold processes in place for the further development of the TOWER185 trophy office property. Visitors and above all existing and potential new tenants are invited to take an indoor walk along the central core themes of Sustainability/ESG, Spatial Quality, and New Work Transformation. With its modern exhibition design, “The Home of Global Minds” presents what has been achieved, what is new, and what is still evolving – in a creative setting where you can swap ideas on the transformation of the world of work and join up with companies to develop solutions.

The CHAIRS in the temporary installation of the same name in the TOWER185 lobby seem to somehow have been stacked one on top of the other at random and have certainly been catching the eye lately. The colourful sculpture is accompanied by the message: “Sometimes change looks like chaos. Together we identify the opportunities.” And this shines a light on a key topic in the contemporary world of work: change. Corporations are currently tussling with the question of how we will work in the future, and what the requisite office spaces will need to look like.

On behalf of its countless tenants, Deka Immobilien as the owner of TOWER185 has been constantly addressing this future issue – and has now created a themed experience and workshop space on the 45th floor of the “Home of global minds”, against the glorious backdrop of the Frankfurt skyline. There, it presents the current core TOWER185 themes to real-estate agents, corporations that are already tenants, and potential new tenants and engages with them in a joint discussion to develop new office space concepts.

How does TOWER185 implement its ESG? What future visions are being tackled behind the scenes? What team ensures smooth daily operations, and how does TOWER185 support corporations in the ongoing transformation of the world of work? These are but a few of the questions that are in focus on the newly created pop-up Experience Floor up on the 45th storey of the office high-rise.

Inspiring tour of the TOWER185 world

The Home Space invites visitors to tour the flexible space-in-a-space structure, namely the “Cubes” in which they can explore the current core TOWER185 topics. Each of these square wooden structures addresses a specific theme and involves the viewer with the use of partially mirrored surfaces: Every such surface states a key question and encourages further discussion of it. Inside the “Cubes” the content is then presented in various ways using multimedia. Different design items, a Workshop Zone, a Selfie Point, an Outro Bar, and an array of real surprises enable visitors to experience the diverse TOWER185 world in enjoyably different ways. The Home Space constitutes a zone specially designed for companies to tour and at the same time discuss the pressing questions of today and how they can best be answered.

How TOWER185 realizes sustainability

When TOWER185 was built, high sustainability standards were already factored into the design. But we did not rest on our laurels. Ten years after turnkey, the framework and the socio-political awareness of the issues have changed. ESG guidelines have become a cross-sector megatrend, and sustainable facility operations are now more relevant than ever.

Since ownership shifted to Deka Immobilien, TOWER185 has consistently embedded ESG factors at the core of all its activities. In the Home Space, Deka Immobilien is now for the first time outlining the extensive overall concept being brought to bear to gradually further reduce TOWER185’s carbon footprint and thus save valuable resources while also cutting costs for tenants, too. Visitors get an idea, among other things, of asset management courtesy of Meteoviva’s smart data technology and of how climate-friendly mobility is being supported and expanded, as well as an overview of the plethora of measures that highlight the path to lived sustainability.

Hello New Normal: New working worlds – for you to shape with your own hands

In TOWER185, Deka Immobilien concerns itself on a daily basis with the future of work. The owners are committed to understanding tenants’ requirements and realizing them with their strong team in daily TOWER185 operations.

This interest in dialogue can also be felt in the presentation of the topic of New Work in the Home Space: The blue cube sheds light on the New Normal in the world of work and highlights the current trends. The subsequent Workshop Zone with its flexible furniture provides a dynamic playground where visitors can together interrogate new ideas relating to the core questions: How do we want to work in the future? How do the changes in the world of work impact the design of working spaces? And how should we reconceive office areas in terms of the New Normal?

The Workshop Zone with its range of different types of seating, flexible room dividers, and modern presentation technology creates the perfect setting for a variety of workshop formats or meetings relating to the topic of New Work.

Feel-good place for every day

Another key station on the tour is the Feel Good Cube and the Evolution Wall. Here, visitors can experience how TOWER185 focusses on the wellbeing of everyone who works in it and is forever offering them new ways to experience this in the form of events, one-offs, and new ideas.

A glance behind the scenes and into the future of TOWER185

The Home Space also celebrates teamwork: In the cube marked The Team, the strong collaboration between the owners Deka Immobilien, Strabag (property management), and BNP (facility management) is vividly illustrated.

And the Future Vision Cube offers a brief, but decidedly visionary outlook of the future of TOWER185: powerful ideas that advance the office high-rise ready for the transformations of the working world of tomorrow. It sketches the ideas that are already being discussed by the TOWER185 team.

Visiting the Home Space

Anyone wanting to experience the Home Space for themselves is cordially invited to do so. Annette Kaiser, Asset Manager at Deka Immobilien, looks forward to your positive response and was delighted by the first guided tours and workshops that have taken place. “In the form of the Home Space, we have created a format that enables visitors to experience TOWER185 emotionally and with all their senses. If a company wishes to locate to TOWER185 or to change, then the emphasis is not on renting space. It is on guiding your company into the future. We believe that can best be achieved in a place where transformation is grasped as an opportunity and is managed in a spirit of partnership. We very much look forward to insightful interactions in our new Home Space.”

Experience the Home Space – we look forward to hearing from you and arranging a personal tour:

Asset Manager
Deka Immobilien Investment GmbH

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