December 2020

Season's Greetings

In 2020, the TOWER185 forecourt once again glittered resplendent in Christmas glory during the festive season, bringing joy to the hearts of passers-by and staff working in the high-rise. Deka Immobilien as owner of the tower was insistent that the winter decorations be absolutely as sustainable as possible.

The entire forecourt glowed in a soft, golden light and really caught the eye along Friedrich Ebert Anlage. The lawns of the forecourt were decorated with a sea of LED lights that rose up at one end to form a 10m-high LED Christmas tree. The little roundabout was illuminated by Christmas greetings that were legible from the upper storeys of the high-rise, too, and the entrance was flanked by two festively decorated Christmas trees in tubs. In this way, the TOWER185 welcomed users and visitors alike in keeping with the festive season and provided for an atmospheric view from the office windows above.

Deka’s goal was to offer staff and teams at TOWER185 a little extra joy at the end of an extraordinary year while making certain the illuminations were as climate-friendly as possible. For this reason, only LED technology was used for the illuminations and the Christmas trees were in tubs so they could go on growing after the event.

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