March 2022

Earth Hour 2022 at TOWER185

Each year, on Earth Hour people, cities and corporations make a symbolic mark for climate protection. And TOWER185 will likewise be turning all the lights off for an hour on 26 March.

A simple gesture that attracts great attention: On the last Saturday in March, private households, as well as famous edifices in cities and districts around the world remain in darkness for an hour in order to remind us to be sparing in our use of resources and make a statement on behalf of more environmental and climate protection. This year, Earth Hour came firmly under the sign of peace in Europe and independence from fossil energy sources.

Originally launched by the World Wildlife Federation WWF, Earth Hour is now the largest campaign of its kind the world over – and TOWER185 has been taking part for ten years now. Thus, last Saturday from 8.30 – 9.30 p.m. the motto was once again: Lights off! For a lively, living and peaceful planet.

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