December 2022

It’s beginning to look a lot ...

Christmas decorations that are sustainable, and a sweet surprise from one of the very best bakers of Baumkuchen (or pyramid cakes) in Germany – TOWER185 has got everyone in a holiday mood.

With its striking gift-wrap ribbons festively ornamenting the entranceway and visible from afar, TOWER185 is busy wishing both its own community and current visitors season’s greetings.

On 6-7 December, members of staff of companies located in the building were thrilled to receive an especially fine surprise from the appropriately decked-out counter in the lobby: There, the friendly team distributed handmade Baumkuchen from renowned Cottbus-based family baker GROCH & ERBEN. The long-standing company, whose roots go back as far as the year 1819, baked this year’s TOWER185 Christmas gift using sustainable ingredients – and in no less than three different chocolate versions.

Since this year we have paid particular attention to low energy consumption levels, the festive Christmas decorations have an even more resource-sparing design than in previous years. In addition to the huge gift-wrap ribbons that festooned both the main entry and the rear entrance, a series of Christmas trees as well as seating decorate the forecourt, while two large pine trees stand festive guard at the main entrance. A special green note: All the Christmas trees are in planters and after doing their bit at TOWER185 will subsequently bring joy to the hearts of others.

The TOWER185 team would like to wish everyone a great run-up to Christmas and a peaceful and enjoyable holiday season.

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