March 2024

TOWER185 to be portrayed in the multi-episode documentary “Inside Skyline Frankfurt” by Hessischer Rundfunk TV station

The series will focus on everyday life and work in a high-rise from the viewpoint of different groups of people. It will cover the everyday challenges, experiences, specific characteristics, and highlights of working in, on, and for our Tower185. Alongside a glance behind the scenes of the technical operations, the documentary will also offer insights into the everyday office lives of some of our tenant companies and of Deka Immobilien as the asset manager in charge of the property.

Shooting started with Strabag’s technical team

Shooting started on 5 February and initially concentrated on the work of the Strabag team. The relevant HR director and her camera team spent a day accompanying our facilities manager Norbert Zubrod going about his work and interviewed him about the greatest technical challenges innate in tower operations. Together, the team explored the ventilation system, watched one of the filters being replaced, and inspected the complex systems behind the fire and voice alarm centre.


Exciting topics and further shoots

The other shoots also covered exciting moments in the life of TOWER185. For example, one day was spent peaking over the shoulder of the SODEXO events team headed by Daniel Löffler, who were busy planning and realizing an event in our designated “Fifty Heights” location on the 50th floor. Shooting also took place in the Hyundai offices and in our major tenant PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Experience Centre.

Another insightful perspective on operating the property will no doubt be provided when the film team accompanies Annette Kaiser, the asset manager responsible for the property on behalf of owners Deka Immobilien.

The HR team show her hard at work actively managing the high-rise, which has been part of the Deka Immobilien Investment portfolio since 2018. After all, the environment in which she works is highly complex and includes an office market that is undergoing change, a culture of work that is being transformed in the process, and, last but not least, high standards for the sustainability aspects of an office building. Annette Kaiser and her team give the viewer a good idea of the exciting processes involved in gearing TOWER185 to a strong vision of the future in order to attract further outstanding corporations as tenants.  


Broadcast scheduled for April

The approx. 45-minute portrait "Inside Skyline Frankfurt - TOWER185" has been available for streaming in the ARD Mediathek library since 2 April 2024. Episode 3 of the series "New Work and Events in Tower185" will air on 23 April 2024 on HR channel at 8.15 p.m.

Stream it now from the ARD Mediathek:
„Inside Skyline Frankfurt – TOWER185“

The TOWER185 team is delighted by this great documentary series and the marvellous film experience it offers. Our cordial thanks go to the cooperative and competent Hessischer Rundfunk team.

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