April 2024

Healthy snacks around the clock – the new ASPRETTO smart fridge station in the lobby of TOWER185 is now open

ASPRETTO is synonymous with snacking, and now all employees at TOWER185 can enjoy particularly fresh, balanced snacks to take away. In the specially designed snack corner in the lobby complete with seating, there are now three fully automated food and drink fridges stocked with a high-quality, largely sustainable range of products from regional suppliers, providing varied and healthy refreshments even outside of standard cafeteria opening hours.

The lobby of TOWER185 is the dynamic hub in the daily life of our high-rise. And now, just to the right of reception, it also includes the new 24/7 snack station for TOWER185.

Special snack selection for TOWER185

ASPRETTO works like a self-service store. Operator Sodexo has put together a special range of products for the station in TOWER185 that includes the right energy-booster for any time of day and is as sustainable and healthy as possible. The food range includes Bircher muesli and porridge with fruits, hearty sandwiches, wholemeal rolls and sandwiches, sushi, wraps, not to mention various salads and bowls – with vegetarian and vegan options as well as meat and fish.

All snacks come in paper-based HALOPACK® food packaging, which replaces conventional plastic trays and reduces the use of plastic by between 70 and 90 percent. The environmentally friendly hybrid packaging is very easily disposed of: The thin film goes into the yellow bin and the paper bowl in the paper waste, where it is 100-percent recycled.

The product supply chain for the smart fridges in TOWER185 features sustainable and local suppliers such as Zeit für Brot and sustainability pioneers like Rettergut, who conjure up delicious vegetarian products from salvaged food.

For all those who like a hit of sweetness, there are high-quality cakes and organic pastries from Zeit für Brot and chocolate bars from Rettergut, as well as protein bars and nuts.

Refreshing mix of soft drinks, plus Wacker’s coffee at the coffee machine

The selection of drinks has likewise been carefully chosen: Cold drinks include various organic lemonades from Vio, Lemonaid or iced teas from ChariTea, and various soft drinks from fritz-kola, including fritz-spritz.

All caffein-lovers can likewise look forward to the variety of specialty coffees from the new coffee machine at the snack station, complete with the option to choose between oat and cow’s milk. The creations on offer, such as café crema, espresso, cappuccino, and iced coffee in the summer, are brewed with Wacker’s coffee from the longstanding, quality-conscious Frankfurt roastery.

The machine works with any mug or with the RECUP reusable cup, which is available for one euro from the machine itself. You thus get coffee to go with no disposable waste.

Simple to use, cashless payment

The intuitive purchase process from the smart fridges is cashless, accepting credit and debit cards or mobile payment with a cell phone or smartwatch. A large screen displays special offers with dynamic prices, and of course only what is taken from the fridge is charged for.

A fitting in-house offering for global players

“With the ASPRETTO snack station, we aim to offer our internationally operating teams at TOWER185 high-quality, convenient in-house refreshment options outside of standard cafeteria opening times. The smart fridge station is the ideal addition to the existing services, explains Annette Kaiser, who is responsible as Asset Manager at Deka. “We look forward to seeing its first customers.” On that note, we declare the smart fridge station in TOWER185 officially open, and wish you happy snacking!

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