November 2022

We loved sharing our letters with you

In the context of the provisional redesign of the wall in the lobby displaying the names of all our tenants, the magnetic letters hitherto used on the wall were shared with TOWER185 staff members – the two-day event went by the name of “We love to share our letters with you”.

In the wake of Deka Immobilien having successfully signed up additional tenants for TOWER185, it became necessary to make space for the newcomers on the wall in the lobby where all the tenants’ names are displayed. This gave rise to the idea of distributing the magnetic letters to any tenants interested. The TOWER185 team spontaneously invited all employees in TOWER185 to sign up to receive a magnetic letter as their own personal souvenir.

In the form of a small but very special event, on 24 and 25 October the letters were selected and then removed using a lifting platform. The letter hosts then wrote the names of all those interested in taking part on sticker hearts and each heart was then attached to the desired letter. Afterwards, the personal letter bags were placed ready for collection at the reception desk. The event was very well received as almost all the letters soon had new owners and now have a new lease of life as personal It Pieces and TOWER185 souvenirs.

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