November 2023
TOWER185 is switching over to green remote heat and thus achieving another important milestone on the road to decarbonization
Marvellous news for all tenant companies: TOWER185 is now one of the few properties in the city that is relying on Mainova’s Grüne Wärme Premium* product. As a result, 42 % of the heating energy supplied to TOWER185 is now generated from CO2-neutral sources. With this innovation, TOWER185 is laying the foundations for the decarbonization it seeks to achieve and, together with its tenant companies, is making an invaluable contribution to the energy transition.

After the TOWER185 management team applied to obtain Mainova’s Grüne Wärme Premium product and the energy utility approved the request, from 1 May 2023 TOWER185 has been receiving what is currently still a limited contingent of green remote heat. This shift means tenants are now provided with remote heat generated in a way that causes some 60 % fewer carbon emissions.

Investing jointly in a climate-friendly future

The switch to green remote heat at TOWER185 is firmly in line with the sustainability strategy adopted and the aspiration to develop the landmark building further. Our asset management team is therefore delighted by the favourable signals received from the TOWER185 community, as only with the support of our tenants can we realize our net-zero strategy.

Would you like to know more?

Our TOWER185 team will gladly respond to all enquiries from TOWER185 tenant companies on the topic of remote heat.

Sarah Barthelmess 
BNP Paribas Real Estate Property Management GmbH

*So what is Grüne Wärme Premium?

By relying on low-emission sources of heat, Mainova’s Grüne Wärme Premium product already consists of 42 % carbon-neutral remote heat. The remote heat is generated, among other things, by the biomass power station in Fechenheim as well as through optimization of the biomass and waste-incineration plant, use of waste heat from various local computer centres, and from the deployment of modern heat pumps. The inclusion of additional carbon-neutral sources of heat in coming years will gradually boost the proportion of green remote heat in supplies. New carbon-neutral heat sources will be directly inputted into the Grüne Wärme Premium product. As a result, Mainova’s Grüne Wärme Premium is scheduled to be completely carbon-neutral by the year 2033. In fact, Hessen’s energy utility company plans to have completely decarbonized the Frankfurt remote heat system by 2040.

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