June 2024

The TOWER185 pop-up summer lounge on the forecourt encourages relaxing outdoor breaks

Since the beginning of the month, there’s been a new addition to the forecourt of TOWER185: the small-but-perfectly-shaped summer lounge. From June to September, it offers an inviting spot for the TOWER185 community and visitors to take a break under the palm trees and enjoy relaxed moments outdoors.

Have a MobiGa moment

Alongside the SQUARE giant beanbags, which offer a comfortable spot for lounging around, there are four vertical, mobile urban gardens inviting you to linger. With these rentals from MobiGa urban greening for the summer lounge at TOWER185, we are happy to support a company from our region that’s making a meaningful difference. The four units planted on both sides with perennials and herbs offer comfortable wooden seating, promote wellbeing and biodiversity in the location, and into the bargain constitute a clever climate adaptation measure for our inner cities. Thanks to integrated solar-powered irrigation, the MobiGa gardens can even take care of themselves, in this way combining sustainability and wellbeing in a smart solution that is perfectly suited to TOWER185.

Refreshing summer promotions

Alongside the temporary installation of the summer lounge, TOWER185 people can also look forward to other promotions over the coming weeks. The first creamy treat is only just around the corner: The ice-cream van will be stopping off at the roundabout! More surprises to follow – we’ll keep you posted!

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