February 2022

Charge it up!

Motorists with electric or hybrid vehicles can now make use of 130 e-charging points at TOWER185. This represents Germany’s largest e-charging service in an office building.

As you sit at your desk, your vehicle gets a full tank of fresh energy: That’s the new service available to tenants at TOWER185. 130 vehicles can now be charged at once, naturally with 100 % green power. Each of the individual stations offers power at a rate of up to 22 kWh.

The service is operated by Chargemaker, the specialist for e-charging solutions. After registering directly with Chargemaker, e-motorists can make use of the e-charging points easily via a mobile, smartwatch, card, or token. Also planned for the future is a variable parking system in TOWER185’s underground garage, which will use smart technology to optimize use of the parking spaces.

Alongside the charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles, since the summer of last year TOWER185 has also boasted 18 lockable charging points for e-bikes and a bicycle repair terminal at the exit to the underground garage.

The creation of e-mobility services is an important component in the sustainability concept that Deka Immobilien is implementing as part of its strategic portfolio development of TOWER185. It likewise feels duty-bound to save resources and energy in its operation of the building.

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