November 2022

CHAIRS art installation in the lobby: Change as an opportunity

Nothing is as constant as change – as Heraclitus of Ephesus observed millennia ago. With the CHAIRS temporary installation in the lobby of TOWER185, the Asset Management team at Deka Immobilien has found a strong symbol for the core theme of the current working world, namely change.

Chairs in three contrasting colours stacked arbitrarily on a black pedestal form a seemingly random, floating composition. The expressive sculpture prompts a variety of questions and is currently grabbing attention in the lobby of TOWER185. “Sometimes change looks like chaos. Together we identify the opportunities.” The accompanying message from the landlord, DEKA Immobilien, is a manifest invitation to engage with change in our current working world and to view the transformation taking place as an opportunity.

Social change, the megatrends of digitization and globalization, and not least the pandemic have led us to challenge familiar views of what work looks like today and in the future, and how corporate culture is lived.

The installation, frozen in a moment of disorder, of chaos, provides a strong allegory for the current situation. Disruption provokes ambivalent sensations such as disorientation and loss of control, but also dynamism and energy. Change sometimes looks strange. Breaking up of familiar structures gives rise to new spaces, new constellations, and a whole host of possibilities that simply did not exist before.

The Asset Management team at DEKA Immobilien believes the reorganization of the working world constitutes a major opportunity and would like to engage in a conversation about it with tenants, estate agents, and interested companies alike. The CHAIRS installation therefore also links to the newly designed HOME SPACE experience area on the 45th floor of TOWER185. Here, an experience floor was created in which the possibilities of the New Normal in the working world are explored in joint workshops, and ideas are further developed in partnership with office design experts.

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